Sorcerer's AcademyPlayers - 6 to 10
Duration - 70 minutes
Price - $31.95/person
Success Rate - 25% * Last updated on June 16, 2018
Rating - G

Sincerest congratulations on being selected to undergo the admissions process for Sorcerer's Academy—one of the finest schools of magic in the world! Brush up on your wandwork as you sample the various domains of the magical arts and earn a seat to study sorcery!

UnmaskedPlayers - 4 to 6
Duration - 60 minutes
Price - $29.95/person
Success Rate - 35% * Last updated on June 16, 2018
Rating - 14A

You've been selected to meet with the director of Unmasked Modeling Agency—an opportunity so exclusive that the location has been kept totally confidential! Excited to be a new face model, you have no idea what surprises lie ahead. The receptionist wishes you good luck before the door closes and locks behind you.