Cognito Escape Games.

The #1 rated escape room in Calgary, Cognito Escape Games features 4 unique games with various levels of difficulty but our pride and joy is the scariest game you’ll find in the city, Bloody Mary!

4 to 10 Player Games
60 to 70 Minute Games
29.95 to 34.95 Per Player


Non-Linear Game Design

All of our games have a non-linear game design to it. What that means is that multiple puzzles can be worked on at the same time so splitting up into smaller groups is the key to success!

No Search and Find

It’s exactly what it sounds like. We never hide any of our puzzle or puzzle pieces behind or underneath any furniture, chairs, rugs, and in any hard to reach places. So as a player you’ll always have easy access to everything you need to solve the puzzles presented to you!

Unique Hint System

Our hint system is uniquely tailored towards each and every group and it’s integrated into the game itself so that you will never have to ask us for any hints. That’s all we can say without spoilers so you’ll have to come play to find out!

Game Introduction

The start to your escape game adventure begins with an employee going over the different types of locks you’ll encounter while in the game along with our house rules. This is where you can ask any questions you might have!

In Game

This is where you have anywhere from 60 to 70 minutes (depending on the game) to complete the games objective. It’s not necessarily always “escape the room” so make sure you know what your end game is!

Game Conclusion

When the time runs out or you’ve successfully completed the game objective, a staff member will go over any in game questions you might have. If there isn’t a group right after yours we’ll even give groups extra time to finish the game out!