3 PM to 10 PM
3 PM to 10 PM

01.Our Games



You and your friends arrive at the Unmasked Modeling Agency to see if you can qualify to be on next months edition of Unmasked. You enter the building but something doesn’t feel right …

Recommended Players: 4 to 6 ($29.95/player)

Required Players: 3 ($34.95/player)

Duration: 60 minutes

Success Rate: 28%


Sorcerer’s Academy

You have been selected for potential admission to the Sorcerer’s Academy. As part of the academy’s admissions process, you must undergo a test of your wits and ingenuity.

Recommended Players: 6 to 8 ($29.95/player)

Required Players: 4 or 5 ($34.95/player) **

Duration: 60 minutes

Success Rate: 22%


Bloody Mary

A close friend of yours dares you to check out the house of Bloody Mary.  Since you don’t have any plans for Halloween night, you and your friends decide to see if you can survive the night inside.

Recommended Players: 6 to 8 ($34.95/player)

Required Players: 4 or 5 ($39.95/player) **

Duration: 60 minutes

Success Rate: 16%

02.Why Choose Us

Non-Linear Game Design

All of our games have a non-linear game design to it. What that means is that multiple puzzles can be worked on at the same time so splitting up into smaller groups is the key to success!

No Search and Find

It’s exactly what it sounds like. We never hide any of our puzzle or puzzle pieces behind or underneath any furniture, chairs, rugs, and in any hard to reach places. So as a player you’ll always have easy access to everything you need to solve the puzzles presented to you!

Customized Hint System

Our hint system is uniquely tailored towards each and every group and it’s integrated into the game itself so that you will never have to ask us for any hints. That’s all we can say without spoilers so you’ll have to come play to find out!

Unique Game Themes

Most escape rooms feature a jail cell or bank heist theme, but not us. We have the scariest game in the city and a twisted game that will leave you wondering 'What just happened?'!

Content Driven Games

Standard escape rooms have 6-8 puzzles that you need to solve in the given time, but our games have at least double or even triple the number of puzzles for you to solve, making these the hardest you will ever play!

Open 7 Days A Week

Our hours of operation vary from 10 AM to midnight on Wednesdays to Sundays, but if you would like to book a game outside of those hours, feel free to give us a call and we'll arrange that for you! (PAUSED DUE TO COVID-19 SITUATION)