The first real-life escape game (also known as an escape room) was launched in Japan in 2007, and escape games have been increasing in popularity ever since. In an escape game, players enter a themed room and need to complete a series of tasks, puzzles, and challenges within a given time limit. It’s a lot like a real-life video game!

Escape games have become new, immersive forms of art and entertainment. Players must employ many different skills, including communication, leadership, and delegation skills, and must also be able to perform under pressure. They are great team-building exercises, and many families, groups, and companies seek them out for social or team-building events.


Cognito Escape Games is an interactive and immersive entertainment experience, where we create unique atmospheres to challenge players in teamwork and cognitive skills.


To fulfill our vision, we aim to:

  • Accentuate uniqueness in our game flow, puzzle design, set design, and storylines
  • Maximize enjoyment through the balance of difficulty and progression, cultivation of emotional responses, and display of creative touches
  • Enhance game experience through high attention to detail including accurate game resets, close monitoring of gameplay, and consistency between storylines, puzzles, and set design
  • Showcase excellent guest service through professionalism, enthusiasm, and friendliness