The Night Before Christmas

Bloody Mary

Everyone in town has heard the rumors about the abandoned house on the hill. People have heard weird sounds, sometimes even laughter. Supposedly people who go inside are never seen again. They say it’s been this way for decades. A haunted house? Totally ridiculous. There’s no way that it could be true…

Sorcerer’s Academy

Sincerest congratulations on being selected to undergo the admissions process for Sorcerer’s Academy—one of the finest schools of magic in the world! Brush up on your wandwork as you sample the various domains of the magical arts and earn a seat to study sorcery!


With a photoshoot scheduled at the Unmasked Modeling Agency, you and your friends head into the facility ready to kick start your modeling careers by meeting up with the director of the agency in person! But what’s this? Something doesn’t feel right about this place …